Giant Gobstoppers

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Giant Gobstoppers – Multi coloured speccles on enormous white fruity flavoured gobstoppers that last for ages! Kids absolutely love them! Parents just enjoy the silence!!

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Giant Gobstoppers

Giant Gobstoppers – These huge gobstoppers are just perfect for parents who want a bit of silence. As close to “everlasting” as you are likely to find! My 13 year old spent half a day trying to get through one, and only just about made it through a couple of layers!
Perfect for party bags and treats for kids of all sizes.

Also available: American Gobstoppers and Globe stoppers

These are quite large (see pics) so are not recommended for youngsters

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2 reviews for Giant Gobstoppers

  1. nosher

    wondering if my lad will ever be able to finish the first one…..tbc

  2. rachel

    OMG these ARE the everlasting gobstopper

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